» Bye bye Río !

Bye bye Río !

Difficult to post pictures without a laptop but airport is a good place to write some posts. We have left Río few days ago after the last big tourist attraction: Corcovado.


After a 1h queue to get a ticket to allow us to go into another 2h queue, we decided to walk up to the Cristo Redentor!  Quite impressive « guy » mainly made of soapstone and created by a French sculptor in early 1900s (french are everywhere 🙂 ). We have more pictures from the helicopter in the Brazil Album.
When then headed to Lapa for dinner in an open music restaurant. This former red light district is « the center of a vibrant bohemian scene » according to lonely planet.


We don’t have picture but Lapa is also where the catedral metropolitana is! For a country with so much believers we don’t really understand how this happened.
We clearly did not see everything in Río but really enjoyed our time there with our friends. It is now time to go to Ilha Grande and Paraty our last big touristic places!

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